Thursday, December 29, 2011

4 Months - "Flex-tastic"

So I found this at Target the other day, and decided to try it. I still struggle with a lot of pain when I walk for longer than an hour. My Podiatrist told me that it's because I've been "babying" my feet too much. He suggested that the more active I am, the faster my feet will heal and get used to the stress of walking normally again. Anyway, this is just another tool I am trying that is supposed to help relax my feet and take away pain after a "hard day". I've just started to incorporate it into my daily regimen. I wear them on both feet for 5 mins. at the end of the day after I've done my scar treatment.
This is how my feet look after the gel toe-separators have been removed. They leave my toes evenly spread out.


  1. Hey there, I am 3 months post and like you, very unhappy with my scars. Ive been using maderma n just staring using vitamin e gel. However, my scars are very prominent. I was wondering if you have seen any improvement?

  2. Hello!
    Unfortunately, I haven't. I saw my podiatrist this past Monday, and he finally admitted that my scars have keloided! It's funny because when my wounds first started closing, I saw that this was happening and asked my Dr. about it. He could see that I was freaking out about it, so he denied it. I'm now 6 months post op and he is finally starting to kinda sorta tell me the truth about things. I don't think I could have chosen a worse Dr.! I have another appointment with him on Monday to talk about steroid injections....I don't know if I should trust him...

  3. Shereese, I am also from the LA area and I am in the process of finalizing a surgery date for the toe shortening. Has the scarring gotten better by now? I am starting to have second thoughts and I want to to know if you have regrets on doing the surgery?

    Thank you, Jenny

  4. Hey Jennifer!
    I just happened to come across your message. I haven't checked this blog in a long time, so I'm sorry it took a few days.
    My experience:
    was horrible! I don't mean to scare you, but it was. I'm a nurse and had to be out of work for about a year after my surgery. I just started working again. I no longer have the luxury of working 3-hr shifts per week. Once I get to 7 hrs, my toes/feet start to hurt. I have to pop an ibuprofen sometimes for the swelling. The Dr. that I chose was the biggest mistake of my life! Not only do I have terrible scars that will never go away, but I still have hammertoe! I'm unable to bend my toes (which he didn't tell me would be the case)which makes things more difficult and painful for me on a daily basis. I've had 2 surgeries per foot. Needless to say, I'm not willing to have even a another Dr. attempt to fix my feet. They're ruined and I have to accept it.

    My advice to you: ASK QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!! And if you feel like your Dr. is giving you the run-around and saying things like, "don't worry, I've been doing this for 20 years", don't use that Dr.!!! You want someone who will answer your questions and not brush you off. Also, reiterate what you main objective is for the surgery 100 times! Don't worry about irritating the Dr.! You need to get your point across and make sure you are both on the same page and both have a clear understanding of what YOU want and not what the Dr. wants for you! If you you have some doubts and feel something is not right, DON'T DO IT!! Trust your instincts. And finally, make sure the Dr. you choose specializes in cosmetic foot surgery! The one I chose didn't. He assured me that he knew what he was doing, but in the end, my feet looked terrible! Make sure this Dr. can show you before and after pictures of his/her work specifically (not just for the practice they work).
    I hope I didn't scare you too much. It's just that I would only wish what I'm going through on my worst enemy. Anyone, else doesn't deserve this!
    Oh yeah, the answer to your question is that I regret having had the surgery done by this Dr. everyday of my life. I wish I would have been fortunate to choose someone else. Do your research and good luck!

  5. can you post a recent picture? are the scars still visible?